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Hello! My name is Jenna and I'm a film photographer based in Maine. Film challenges me to be sensitive and awake, to notice, play, feel, explore, let go, and dare to be honest. I create a lot of my work with just me in my bedroom through self portraiture. My true heart lies in capturing human intimacy. I am obsessed with love and relationships in all their infinite forms. Film has expanded my sense of community through shared vulnerability and meaningful connection. I find joy when my photography brings people together.

Check out my current project page =)

I am open to working with all types of people for portrait and intimacy shoots. Please inquire about rates.

If you would like see full sets of my work and support me as an artist I kindly welcome you to join my Patreon:

E  x  h  i  b  i  t  i  o  n  s
 2022, Image Nation Paris, Free Bodies, May 27-29, Emilee
2022, Mechanics Hall, Portland Maine, Dear Queer: Queer Stories Through Portraiture, June 22-29

2021, Madison, TRAAAW  Magazine , online

2022, Daybreaks, TRAAAW  Magazine, online

2022, Nude and  Boudoir, Photos Unboxed Magazine, print

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