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Order A Window on Congress Street photography zine - SOLD OUT

1. Fill out the form, providing your email

2. Specify in message box if you'd like a digital copy sent to your email or a physical copy sent to your address (please provide shipping address in your message)

3. Venmo Jenna-Mo-1 with payment:

digital copy - $8 (receive within 24 hours)

physical copy - $15 including shipping (currently out of stock)

"The photos in this zine were created in my bedroom with the light of a single window over the course of one year, April 2021 to 2022. This zine is dedicated to the humans I connected with for the sake of love and art, who shared intimacy, vulnerability, skin, laughter, beauty, and queerness during a time of collective recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic."

28 pages self designed and printed with care. Order for an intimate glimpse into my first year of photography.

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